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About Aurick Construction Group

Aurick Construction Group offers a comprehensive range of construction services beyond general contracting, including design-build, construction management, pre-construction services, specialty services, and consulting and advisory services. We have the expertise and experience to manage diverse construction projects from inception to completion, providing value-added solutions to their clients



Owner and Founder

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you've made it to this page and are reading this, please let us know - we genuinely appreciate hearing from our customers. Before you dive into our "about" section, which may sound familiar as it's what many other contractors say, allow me to share a short story instead.

"My journey in the construction industry began at the age of 13, working mainly during summers. My Mom used drive me to a customers home if it was too far to walk and I would borrow their tools to do the work.. Over time, I learned a lot, some of it the hard way, and by the age of 17, I had around 40 part-time employees from local high schools and colleges. Fast forward nearly a decade, and Aurick Construction, along with the other construction companies I've built over the years, has grown into a team of seasoned professionals offering complicated services to both residential and commercial clients. We take immense pride in our work and draw from years of experience to deliver exceptional results. We've used coatings, methods and materials that 99% of painters have never even heard of, and we have countless stories of going above and beyond for our clients, including the memorable task of vacuuming grass! With hundreds, if not thousands, of successful projects under our belt, we almost feel like we've seen it all.

If you're still reading, I sincerely thank you and I want you to know that you'll be in good hands if you decide to work with Aurick. We are committed to taking care of our clients and providing outstanding service with top-quality results. We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope you have a wonderful day!"



Office Manager / Bookeeper

Throughout my career, my exceptional abilities in organization, communication, adaptability, and creativity have been defining factors in my success. These skills have allowed me to excel in various roles and industries, and have enabled me to tackle challenges with resilience and innovation.  Also, I have built a reputation for my meticulous attention to detail, the ability to handle multiple responsibilities with ease, and my unwavering commitment to professionalism. My exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, have been invaluable in fostering positive relationships with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders at all levels.

Originally from Boston, I am also a proud mother of four amazing children and a doting grandmother to five outstanding grandchildren. Family is incredibly important to me, and I treasure the moments spent with my loved ones. When I'm not busy with work or family, I indulge in my hobbies, which include graphite drawing and painting fishing lures. I find solace and joy in expressing my creativity through arts and crafts. Whether it's creating detailed graphite portraits of beloved pets or infusing my artistic touch into custom-painted fishing lures, my hobbies bring me a sense of fulfillment and relaxation. My years of experience in the office have given me a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and effective communication skills that I bring to both my professional and personal pursuits. I am grateful for the balance of work, family, and hobbies in my life, and I strive to continue nurturing all these aspects with equal dedication and passion.


Aurick Construction Group, holds the core values of integrity, quality, safety, professionalism, innovation, and sustainability at the forefront of its operations. Our company emphasizes the importance of conducting business with honesty, transparency, and ethical practices, thereby earning clients' trust and building strong, long-term relationships. 

Aurick Construction Group is dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship and materials that meet or exceed client expectations, with attention to detail, effective communication, and a willingness to go above and beyond. Our company prioritizes safety, ensuring all construction sites are safe and secure for workers, clients, and the public. 

Professionalism is emphasized by providing exceptional service, respecting clients and colleagues, and being accountable for all work performed. Innovation is essential to staying current with industry trends and technologies, encouraging creativity and collaboration to find new solutions to construction challenges. Finally, Aurick Construction Group recognizes the significance of environmental responsibility and incorporates sustainable practices into construction projects wherever possible, minimizing waste, conserving energy and resources, and incorporating green technologies into construction designs.



A commitment to ensuring that all construction sites are safe and secure for workers, clients, and the general public. This includes adhering to all safety regulations and protocols.


A dedication to delivering high-quality workmanship and materials that meet or exceed client expectations. This involves attention to detail, effective communication, and a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.


A commitment to conducting business with honesty, transparency, and ethical practices. This includes maintaining open communication with clients and partners, adhering to project timelines and budgets, and upholding all contractual obligations.

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